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A better way to organize and control your money.

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Why do we struggle to maintain healthy finances?

I started by figuring out why this problem exists by interviewing several people. With the findings, Celia should answer the following questions:

  • How do I know when I am overspending?
  • What if an emergency comes up and I have to solve it with money that was not in my budget?
  • Would I be able to afford next month's debts if I continue managing my money the way I'm doing it so far?

Low-fi wireframes of the iOS mobile app

Low-fi wireframes of the iOS mobile app

The big picture

This summary allows us to observe our available money taking into account our next debts, spending trend, latest movements and budgets. From here, we begin to understand how we move our money in the current cycle.

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Being the boss of our money

With budgets we can allocate a certain amount of money for the payment of various categories. This functionality is crucial so that we know how much we are spending and in which areas.

These budgets are flexible so that we can move money from one to the other as we see fit according to our quality of life and consumption habits.

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Debts and recurrent payments.

We can see all the recurring payments and debts that we have registered. They are divided according to the degree of urgency that they mean to users and so they can take immediate actions.

We have the option of adding educational credits, mortgages, purchases with credit cards, public services, subscriptions, etc. The division in this stage is necessary since the interests and institutions vary according to the type of debt.

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Smart reports

In order to keep helping users be wise with they money,  celia providers extensive reports telling them how it has behaved.

It answers questions like: when did I spend the most?, what were my biggest expenses? how much have I spent over the last X months? More importantly, it allows them to learn more about themselves and their habits.

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