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Génesis Morales

A revamp of their website

"Diego has such a neat and excellent portfolio that made my decision very easy. During my consultation, Diego Valencia understood my concept, contributed his experience, advised me and made me feel very confident about what I needed. He is a patient, calm and flexible person who really listens to the client and he designed my wishes precisely. Diego took the time to listen to my requirements and made small changes so that it was perfectly what I wanted. I recommend him 100%, it was a dream to work with him and I wish him all the best."

Génesis Morales, Founder and Artist.

Génesis Morales

"I hate my website" were the words I first heard from Genesis. Looking at it is painful and it does not represent my brand and more importantly, who I am - she added.

Clearly she has evolved since the time she got her site designed and that evolution was not portrayed in her website.

When I reviewed it I understood why she felt that way, I realized that the look and feel of it was generic and didn't really differentiate her from the crowd. I got her point and was ready to help her.

Old website screens

Old website screens

Main problems

- Typography was not clear to understand.

- There were no call to action for visitors. The website had a lot of text and not clear intention to sell or book anything.

- There was not hierarchy in the information.

- Pictures were not updated (she was not able to make any changes).

"The people who get into my website know who I am. I want to provide an easier way for them to book my services"

Although this was a clear intention, I suggested not to forget new visitors (so that the journey is clear for both new and regular clients).

Génesis Morales

Designing for action

Now it is clear what users are advised to do when they visit the website. They may navigate and explore the variety of services Genesis and her team have to offer.

Génesis Morales

A new template for services

One of the main problems of the previous website was that it wanted to tell everything and ended up telling nothing. In this new version, services are more clear and actionable.

Génesis Morales
Génesis Morales