Diego Valencia


Marketplace to buy clothes, art and decoration

"It was a pleasure to work with Diego. My partner and I felt guided all the way through the project. Diego has a great ability for design thinking and for user friendly business. I highly recommend Diego if you want a webpage designed perfectly for the specific public you desire."

Camila Luque, Co-Founder.


Many independent shops use Instagram and WhatsApp as their sales channels. Communication with clients can be hard because most of them use their personal phone to chat with them and don't always have time to respond messages since most of them don't have a team responsible for that and therefore they are loosing sales. -besides loosing their personal space and privacy.

MILA identified that problem and decided to become a marketplace that allows independent brands to sell their products including clothing, art and decoration.



I worked on two iterations for the wireframes of the site including an administration panel for brands, registered clients and admins.  

This allowed us to visualize the overall experience, steps users would take to purchase products and the checkout process. Besides, how admins and brands would manage their activity -upload new products, view clients, manage roles, etc.

Users tested
I'm scrollable!

I'm scrollable!


We decided to homepage that links major inner pages. This homepage is where users get a glimpse of everything the marketplace has to offer.

I'm scrollable!

I'm scrollable!

Product pages

I decided to maintain a card based design for the layout of the product listings as it's easier for users to scan what they are looking for. Also, filters on the left side of the screen for them to narrow down their search.

I'm scrollable!

I'm scrollable!

Checkout-Shipping details

I wanted to make this a little bit different than the rest of e-commerce sites out here.

I'm scrollable!

I'm scrollable!


We have a summary of the customer's shipping details at the beginning, that way we make sure they are aware of the details provided. Likewise, the shipping address provided in the first step may match the billing address so they don't have to write it again. If it doesn't match then we allow them to specify it by activating the 'Other direction' option.


Adding products

I divided this process into blocks. 

1- Basic information 

Images, name, price, discount percentage (if any), description and details, category and subcategory if applicable. So we have main categories (e.g women, men, art) and subcategories (e.g shoes, bags, etc)

2- Stock details

Users select the color available for this product. Also, specify sizes available in stock (e.g Small, Medium, Large). If the product does not work with sizes but with a specific dimension (e.g art and decoration) they specify it by activating the 'sell by dimension'.