Project Brief

Voceros is a digital magazine that combines hip-hop, culture, music and art in a single place. They launch monthly issues for free and now are ready to get profit out of them. It was needed to create an online kiosk where people can purchase single issues or subscribe for monthly issues.

See live.

The HomePage

While conceptualizing and wireframing the new homepage, my first goal is a strong presence for the new issue. Next users can see the other issues that have been launched previously.

The Kiosk

The kiosk is pretended to be launched with Wordpress + Woocommerce and a local gateway integration. Users could purchase issues using their debit/credit cards and get the downloadable pdf interactive file. As they have many issues launched already, it is important to show groups of 6 items at a time.

These are the cart and checkout process. Wanted to keep it simple, just asking for the information needed.

Contact Information

Get in touch in just a few steps. Don't want to fill out the form? just drop a line to their email or text them by Whatsapp.

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