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I am the founder of Voceros, one of the most visited websites related to the urban culture in Colombia.

Since 2016, I have been managing a news site and recently a kiosk where readers can purchase the magazine issues with ease. Besides, a social community with 20,000+ people.


I didn't want to create a blog but a strong platform where fans, musicians, marketers and lovers of the urban culture can come together and enjoy being who they are.

Voceros is a community followed by 20,000+ people from around Latin America and Spain. It draws attention by its language and the people it features in each issue.


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Revista Hip Hop

How it all started

I knew I wanted to create something that fans of art, music and hip hop can relate to and enjoy being different at the same time. We as 'urban people' have been facing a problem in Latin America and is that 'regular people' looked at us differently because of the way we dressed, talked and behaved. It has improved and we now play an important role in society worldwide.

The concept of Voceros is being the speaker of everybody that thinks of a change but does not have the voice to express it. Voceros is here to support hip hop and street art community.

Magazine Issues

Revista hip hop

I had some ideas of the layouts of each part of the magazine (interviews, articles and so on). Every hip-hop magazine looked sort of the same at that time and each one of them had a hard time crossing the line between urban and aesthetic.

I knew that the magazine was going to be followed by non-urban-related people due to its inspiring concept so I wanted to create a strong brand since the very beginning. The layout and language had to be just perfect.

Revista hip hop
Screens of first issues (2014-2015) View large image

This first stage of the magazine gave me good insights of what people liked and disliked related to design and language. Doing some interviews, people:

- Liked the concept but not too much the design.
-Thought that the tone of the interviews could improve but liked the photography.
- Wanted to connect with artists in a better way and know more insights of their music and way of living.

I stopped publishing the magazine after six issues to refresh the brand and come back stronger.

Revista hip hop
Screens of new issues (2016-2017) View large image

This second stage of the magazine had amazing results:

- 94% of readers enjoyed the new design.
- Reads increased from ~354 average to ~7,600 average.
- People were starting to recommend the magazine as they were connecting with this culture in a better way. That caused an increment from ~1,020 to 10,000+ people in the community.

Revista hip hop
Current Issues (2018 - present) View large image

I have known how to listen to the audience and improve services and products accordingly. They are the judges of the magazine and who tell me what works and what needs to be deleted or improved. Now I am confident enough to say out loud that Voceros is a brand that people love and feel connected to.

Revista hip hop
Revista hip hop
Revista hip hop

Where are the news?

Now I manage a different approach. Formerly, the magazine and the website had the same information. Now it is different from one another as since 2018 we started to sell the issues.

Revista hip hop

It's a grid-based website and does not contain anything that can distract them from reading the news, articles, and interviews.

One of the things I wanted to highlight was the release of new issues, so it has its own widget on the sidebar, on the top, and on the bottom of each section of the website. That way I make sure that they are aware of each issue and purchase them.

Revista hip hop Revista hip hop

What about the store?

What would be a good way to display a digital kiosk where purchases are enjoyable?

Revista hip hop
Revista hip hop Revista hip hop

What's next?

This is an ongoing project. I am enjoying every part of this journey and would like to show you more adventures with this magazine.

I'm available for new projects

Let's discuss how I can help you.