Booking indoors advertising spaces


There’re not many affordable spaces where small businesses can advertise their products and services. Tupon helps small businesses promote their products and services and put themselves in front of their niche by advertising in indoors and transportation spaces that capture large audiences.


I started creating the information architecture and low-fi concepts for primary use cases. After having a go-ahead from the stakeholders on the mockups, we began to conduct usability tests with the low-fidelity mockups. Once we had confidence in the design, we began digitalizing designs.


Design Systems.
The primary solution was to come up with a design system that was guided by principles and best practices. Also, to keep with documented at each step to ensure consistency and efficiency of work.

To solve the problem of complexity it was important to eliminate any unnecessary elements. To achieve that the platform was made persona specific.


We have a summary of all sections of Tupon for users to take the right actions. It highlights featured spaces, stores and even provides the possibility to make a quick search based on the target group they are trying to reach divided by age, gender, community or generation.

Advertisement spaces

The most important section of Tupon. This is where users can view all the spaces available to advertise in. It has a quick filter to narrow down their search.


Single space

Single space scrolled

Profile & Bookings

Users can sign up to Tupon using their social media accounts or by creating an account using their email. After doing that, they can view the spaces they have booked, the receipt for each one of them and they could extend the advertisement.

User Profile


Additional screens

Help center