Project Brief

Bogota has over 10 million citizen nowadays. One of the problem it faces is the movility. Transmilenio is the local transportation system they have and its app allows people to get routes and know the different stations there are throughout the city.

Get a route three taps away

From the home screen users can plan their trip. They just start typing their current location and the same for the station they want to travel to. If they're not sure which station is best for their destination, they can use the map.
They can also take action quickly by selecting a favorite trip. Each time they travel, they're able to add that route to their favorites so that they don't have to look for it over and over again.

Trip Plan

Once they get the route, the app sorts them by time. That means that faster routes show up first.
If for any reason they need that route for another date, they can change it from that screen, as well as origin and destination.
With the name of the buses and stations should be enough, however a red button is next to them just in case they want to see the path on a map.

Stops and other routes

Users can check available routes and stops any time they want. This transportation system is organized by zones or localities and each one of them has its own color. To match the app design with the scheme users are already familiar with, if they want to check the different stops, each one of them is divided by its color so that it is easier for them to remember them and select the one they need.

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