An affordable way to send money to your loved ones.


I partnered with TransferX to create a solution for africans to receive and send money effortlessly and affordable from their phones.

The first corridor would be London - Uganda, since it is very painful for these people send money back home due to the large paperwork they have to fill up and the large fees agents charge. After MVP, we’d be moving to other countries in Africa, Europe and in the Latin American market.

I have struggled with this problem before when I’ve wanted to receive money in my country (Colombia) from overseas, that’s why I felt connected to this project and wanted to be part of it.


The client already had the business idea and some wireframes of how the app would work. We started from there to define the flows, experience and interface of the app.

Although I took the leadership on this project, there were some constraints in terms of design. I had to maintain the structure of the app since it was already built by developers. Therefore changing any major aspect would affect the whole development and delay MVP launch. We decided to maintain major parts of the structure but giving the app the best experience possible.

There were some things that definitely had to chance or be added so I had to convince the whole team that this new direction was the best to take based on research, competitors and best practices.

User flows

The main problem we were trying to solve was the inconvenience users face filling up forms when they want to send money back home. We wanted to create the fastest way to do that.

I prioritized each screen and defined content to skip the wireframe phase. That approach helped me create an experience that is intuitive for our users.

Easy onboarding

Onboard members with a just the necessary information.

New recipients, cards and transfers

Recipients are the ones who are going to receive the money. Users add as many recipients as they want and can view the amount of transfers they have made to them and their status.

Users would need to register cards to make transfers.

After having added recipients and cards, we are ready to make a transfer. Research shows that users are most likely to follow a process when is clearly divided by steps rather than having to complete it from a single screen.

We have two types of transfers: one-time transfers and recurrent transfers.

We allow users set up a recurrence for their transfers as interviews showed that there is a need to send a custom amount to their families every month to help them with bills or as a gift every now and then.

Now that we have made our transfers, we have the complete list. It indicates, recipient, amount and status.

Everyone has to be safe

It is very important for every finance business to provide security for both their operations and their users.

The app has verification levels that allow users complete different things within the app. Mainly in the MVP, verification levels allow users to send higher amounts of money. The higher the verification level the higher the amount.

It has three levels and their availability depends on the complexion of the one before. The first one allows them to send 750 pounds per year and consists of the verification of their email and phone number.

In order to reach second level of verification, users need to upload proof of address and proof of identification. The app asks users to submit either ID or passport and an image of any bill or document issued to their house.

Additional screens