Startup Colombia is a platform that highlights entrepreneurship in Colombia. Its mission is to rescue and push further different business ideas from colombian founders. Likewise investors could get into the platform and meet startups and get in touch personally with founders they're interested in.

The Homepage

Sign Up Process

Startup Colombia is a place where investors, professionals and startup founders meet and do businesses in Colombia. That being said, we needed to create a strong tool for them to make that happen.

First of all, we have the founders. They need to showcase their business idea and make it clear for professionals and investors to take action. They are able to create their profile and then create another one for their business. This is how it works:

1. We give them the opportunity to select the type of account they want to create. Obviosuly each one of them will have specific features and functions. For example, entrepreneur accounts could create companies profiles, whereas proffesionals could offer independent services.

2. I wanted to breakdown the sign up form in two steps as one of the main functions of the platform is to be easy to use and be a tool that makes their entrepreneur journey easier, so I didn't want them to feel overwhelmed with a long form. So for entrepreneur accounts, the first step is basic information: name, location, email address, business field and photo. Then we have professional information with their accomplishments as entrepreneurs, the possibility to choose whether or not they're open to activities such as mentoring, coffe, conferences... and finally they upload their resume and submit a LinkedIn url.

For professionals the first step is the same, the second step has few changes: they write their professional profile, years of experience, and type of job openings they're willing to accept (full-time, part-time, contract...)


For professionals:

Business Profile

Entrepreneurs are allowed to create business profiles from their personal account. The creation of this profile is also divided by two steps. The first one allows them to write the name of the startup, its email, city, industry and upload the logo. The second step is for more details for investors such as business idea, how long they've been in business and their website.

Startup's profiles look like this and founders are able to add partners and team members when applicable and jobs:


Startups could post job openings public for both members (professionals) and visitors. Visitors should sign up in order to apply.

This work is in progress in its phase 1. It's pretended to be launched by early 2018.

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