Where startups, investors and professionals meet and do businesses.


StartupCOL is the community that supports entrepreneurship in Colombia and Latin America. Primarily, this community allows founders, investors and professionals connect and do businesses.


Many entrepreneurs don't know how to get started and don't know where they can connect with professionals and investors to make their dream come true.


  • User Research, Personas and Flows
  • Wireframing, UX
  • Visual Design, Prototyping


As the visual design was made in XD, I used its inner prototyping tools to create this prototype and test it with real users. This is an ongoing project and hope show you more of this process in a near future.

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User personas and flows

I did some surveys in order to understand who I will design for. The results were not far from my initial thoughts. Users want to: know who they are competing with and the other founders in their area or around the world and make sure investors know that they are looking for an investment. We have here three main users:

User Personas

Each one of the users has specific needs and those have to be solved within the navigation and the experience. We have then entrepreneurs, investors and professionals. Each navigations is intended as follows:

User Flow and site map

The user flow is pretty straightforward because one of the objectives of the platform is make things easier for busy people. Once I highlighted the journey for each user, there some specifications that have to be considered:

User Flow and site map

How it should work

User Flow and site map

For this part of the process, I used Balsamiq to conceptualize how the platform should work.

Based on an industry research, an analysis with similar platforms and interviews with some founders and professionals, there are some things that should appear in the first place. The question asked was maybe wide: I wanted to know what users would like to see if there were a platform for entrepreneurs. The answers were similar to some assumptions I already had. Users would like to:

- Know what my competitors are.
- See startups in general and filter them by niche.
- Know what other have done wrong. Something like a forum or FAQ.
- Specify that I am needing funding and I would like to be able to connect with potential investors.


The first thing we have there is the search bar where users can look up jobs, people, companies or just keywords. Next, they see recent startups, popular industries and articles from other members of the community.

After showing this screen to potential users and the team, we discovered that the search bar on the top was not used by users and they were having a hard time finding out who their competitors were and who else works within their industries. After this insight, I made some changes of this screen:


Sign Up and Profiles

All users would take the same path to sign up with just simple fields variations depending on the needs.

Left to right: Professional, Founder, Investor. View large image

This is how profiles would look like. You have the basic and professional information on the left and the activity and startups/portfolio (for investors) or experience and services (for professionals) on the right.

One thing that has to be considered is that this is not only a platform to hire or get hired and connect with investors, but also it works as a community where people share their experiences and help each other out. That’s why I decided to add this ‘articles’ feature where registered users can post articles related to the digital world or entrepreneurial adventure.

How it should look

I chose minimalism in this design. Users are already busy and trying to figure out what the new startups are and how they can relate to them and connect with other. The less I could do was to make the journey as easy as possible.


Sign Up and Profiles

We have three different onboarding depending on the type of user someone’s choosing. I want to create that emotional connection with the user by telling them what to expect with each profile and make them relate to the images.

sign up design
Left to right: Professional, Founder, Investor. View large image
startup profile
Startup Profile Components. View large image
Profile Components. View large image

Startup profiles are the main reason of this platform so they need to have all the relevant information for both investors and professionals. Meaning that they can take a glimpse of what the startup is all about and see some sensitive information (for investors) and apply for openings (professionals).

What's next?

This is an ongoing project so we are still validating ideas and trying to improve the platform to launch the first version. Stay tuned for more.

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