Client project

Portal Del Prado

Website redesign and brand awareness.


Since 2007, this shopping center has been welcoming every single visitor they recieve on a daily basis. They allow more than 150 stores to reinvent every day the way they provide goods and services to the public. Also, they have more than 60,000 followers on social media and growing. They are such a much-loved brand and re-designing their website was a challenge we were willing to take.


After the meeting with the communication department, they were concerned of the way users perceive their brand through their website.

One of the value propositions they have is to provide promotions and events to customers, as well as the other entertainment options available in their mall: casino, cinema, a night club and a completely magical place for kids.

This value proposition wasn't quite shown properly as many visitors didn't have a path to guide them to take proper actions.

The new website needed to do three primary things:

  • Users have to understand what the company is all about. They don't sell spare time, they sell a second home.
  • Users have to have access to stores and entertainment right away as those are key points for the company.
  • Users have to make themselves at home.

Challenge accepted.


Main navigation flow


How can users get the information in a smooth way so they can feel welcomed in the new website?

I designed a couple of low-fidelity wireframes to help me visualize a little bit better the navigation map.

The website of shopping centers around the country have a similar layout. We wanted to be different as so is the company itself.

Low-Fi wireframes


Now that I had the low-fi wireframes done, the next step of this process was adding an UI design touch so that it could look clean yet intuitive for people to use.

The website promotes a variety of options someone may take once is in their mall. They have more than 200 companies providing goods and services, movie theater and several monthly events.

The homepage shows first promotions and events with a clean slider that links directly to the section the offer is. Then we have the stores with a main image so that users can relate directly to it and again, the trailer of the movie is playing automatically and muted with an overlaid button inviting to watch it through an embed video from Youtube.

One of the key points of this company is the theater so I added a section for it. It showcases the last four movies people are expecting to watch and their trailers. There's also a button inviting them to buy their tickets with the provider.

In the about section we wanted to keep it simple. A two-columns layout helped us add all the information needed: history and board members.


It's been such a great experience working with Diego. He was commited to the project from the very beginning, understanding what our brand is and wants to provide to our customers. I highly recommend him and would work with him again.

Maria Victoria, Marketing Director. Portal Del Prado.