Project Brief

Kruma is a startup that is going to revolutionize the way africans handle their money. They offer cost effective and convenient banking features that traditional banks in Africa lack. Their goal is to allow africans and african immigrants to complete day to day banking needs with ease.

Money Exchange Feature

This feature has three steps:
- Users tap on the exchange button on the footer.
- As they've already signed up, the application shows them their country automatically so that they just have to select the receiver's country.
- They specify the amount of money they're going to exchange and accept the terms.

The Home Screen

They can check their balance from the home screen. It shows debits (expenses) and credits (incomes) with a color scheme where red goes to debits and green for credits. As adults are who are going to use the app mostly, the design must be recognizable for them so icons, colors and fonts must be clearly understandable.


The app automatically shows the country of the user and then they just have to select destination.

They just specify the amount of money they want to exchange and the app takes care of the rest.

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