Client project

Go Global Colombia

Website redesign and brand awareness.


Go Global Colombia is a private organization that provides consultancy related to the variety of possibilities someone has when it comes to studying abroad.

They're targeting everybody who wants to live the experience of living overseas and get new skills that will them grow their academic and professional proeficiency.


They needed a better tool for both draw new customers and give the current ones a wide range of possibilities.

They don't sell courses but the personal and professional growth of people and that's what was needed to be shaped in the new website.


This part of the process helped me understand what needed to be done to provide the clients the whole information. From the location to the multiple schools they have agreements with.

Main navigation flow

The intention is to get relevant information in every page of the site. So here we have:

  1.  Programs. User can see all the alternatives Go Global provides. Want to learn a new language, go to a summer camp or run a master degree? They can help with all of that. Let's say someone wants to study English. Then the english course gives a little introduction about the program, how long it will be and the different countries in which is available. Then the user can choose the country they are interested in and perhaps their preferred school.
  2. Destinations. All the countries someone can choose to study. Each country has a little introduction and at the end, call-to-actions by which people can either ask for a quote or choose a program. If users choose a program, then the site gets them to the program they want and we go back to the previous item.
  3. About us. All the services they provide and what the company is all about. Also a call-to-action that gets them in touch with the company.
  4. Contact with all contact and location information.

We wanted to create a cyclical navigation.


It's a lot of information but we didn't want to overwhelm the visitors, so we created a design system and patterns that present it smoothly with multiple call-to-actions giving a cyclical navigation flow and users can get all the information they're looking for. 

Note that we wanted to make sure the user gets all the information they need, that's why we created this cyclical navigation flow based on users goals. Users can either choose a destination, ask for a quote or view the variety of programs they provide from the homepage and all the inner sections. Independent sections for each school were created as well.

How would millenials want this website to be? They're probably 20 year-old students almost finishing their college and expecting to get all the information needed in order to take a decision to choose Go Global as their travel agent. 


This was not just about a pretty-looking website but we also created a new stystem for the website which points hardly the actions we want the user to make once they land in the website from any device.

Whit its responsive design, we kept the essence of the company. We knew that around 40% of visitors would come by mobile devices so we needed it to be clean.

When Diego showed us the changes we needed in our website, we were more than confident that our online presence was going to improve. He understood our business and our needs and now we have a more competitive brand. I would not hesitate to work with him again.

Sandra Vargas, Go Global. Executive Director.