Learning Challenges

Freeland is a group learning environment where freelancers can opt into a two-week “challenge activity”, where members take part in a learning challenge. Learning challenges are mini-lessons + actionable activities that help freelancers to experiment with their sales, marketing, operations, admin, and other work. The intended benefit of the learning challenge and group learning environment is to allow freelancers to support each other with feedback and advice, and provide mutual accountability.

The Process

While conceptualizing and wireframing the platform, there where a few things kept in mind:
- Users should be able to look up the topic they're interested in. A search bar was created for that end.
- If they're not sure what course to take, then a list of recent or popular courses show up.
- Once they select the lesson they want to take, then they should be able to play it, share it or add to favorite. Advanced actions include get into the discussion group and see actionable tasks.

The Homepage

The Lessons

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