Dandycare allows cleaners and cleaning company managers to get records of their appointments and clients so they have an easier workflow.

It allows users to request a service for their home or company, managers to track their clients requests and assign them to employees and cleaners to view their appointments and reviews.

The Process


When I was wireframing the app, I wanted to make sure regular users and guests get the best experience possible and are able to request a service like never before. Two things kept in mind for the guest flow:

- Users won't want to reveal sensity information such as credit card details, email or phone number unless they're 100% sure this service is just right for their needs.

- Giving full names as well as email addresses is just a commom process in an app, but when it comes to phone numbers some people are a little skeptical, that's why we have an informative button below that explains the reason we're asking for the phone.

Regular Users

So users have signed up and this is what they're able to do:
- View a list of their requested services and request a new one.
- View who have worked on their requests before and give reviews.
- Edit their account information.
- Send comments or know more about dandycare and its service.

Users can review the service they get from cleaners.


Managers are able to manage the whole calendar, assign request to specific workers and more. They then pick a date that has a request and assign it to a worker. The app automatically shows available workers.

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